Texas Sprinkler Statute and Rules for TFM08

Texas Sprinkler Statute and Rules for TFM08


Credits 2.0

30-day access

This online, self-paced, test prep course provides in-depth information relevant to the Texas Insurance Code Chapter 6003 and the Texas Administrative Code, Section 34.700, helping prepare you to easily understand the code requirements and pass the TFM08 test.

This course provides:

  • 30 day access to an online training account  
  • Simulated online exam for maximum practice and preparation
  • Review of Texas TIC Chapter 6003 and TAC Section 34.700 requirements
  • A completion certificate

Course topics include:

  • Responsible Managing Employee (RME) and Sprinkler Certificate of Registration (SCR) License and Test Information
  • Sprinkler Certificate of Registration
  • Responsible Managing Employee
  • SCR/RME Responsibilities
  • Tags

At the end of the course there will be questions to test your knowledge!

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