Recharging Clean Agent Cylinders, L2

Recharging Clean Agent Cylinders, L2


Credits 1.0

30-day access

This CEU course explores requirements associated with recharging clean agent cylinders, including cylinder inspections, cylinder refilling, identifying agent leakage, and cylinder handling. Based on NFPA 2001, 2018.

This CEU course explains requirements for recharging clean agent cylinders, including:

  • Cylinder inspection
  • Cylinder refilling
  • Agent leakage
  • Cylinder handling

    Each lesson is followed by a quiz designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the course material.  Start studying today!

    This course provides the knowledge to:

    • Inspect clean agent cylinders
    • Identify clean agent cylinder leakage and follow filling procedures
    • Properly handle clean agent cylinders

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