Inspection & Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems Workshop - Columbus, OH - Oct 4-5, 2022
Inspection & Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems Workshop - Columbus, OH - Oct 4-5, 2022
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Inspection & Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems Workshop - Columbus, OH - Oct 4-5, 2022


  • Oct 4-5 2022

This workshop is primarily for the Fire Sprinkler Inspector and combines classroom review of the proper methods (per NFPA 25) with hands-on lab exercises to help students understand both the how and why when inspecting and testing fire sprinkler systems.

All Workshop Registrations Include:
  • Enrollment in 2-Day Course with Hands-On lessons - A combination of hands-on labs and classroom study will be used to review topics
  • Tabbed NFPA 25 Standard
  • Course Workbook and Flash Drive with Component Data Sheets
  • Practice Quizzes and Exams, NFPA Overview and Instructor Q&A
  • Lunches, Snacks and Drinks
  • Excellent Networking Opportunities
  • Fire Tech T-Shirt

  • Learn Fire Sprinkler System Components - their description and purpose 
  • Review and Learn Inspection, Testing & Maintenance requirements per NFPA 25 
  • Understand the Role of the Inspector 
  • Learn requirements and steps for Wet System Inspections 
  • Learn requirements and steps for Dry System Inspections 
    - Double & Single Interlock Preaction Systems 
    - Deluge systems 
  • Understand Backflow Assemblies (Discussion Only) 
  • Understand MIC [Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion] (Discussion) 
  • Understand Nitrogen Generators 
  • Gauge your understanding with quizzes provided throughout workshop 
    • 4” Star Mod G Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 2-1/2” Firelock S/768 Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 2-1/2” TYCO Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 4” Victaulic S/751 Wet Valve  
    • 4” Gem Mod F3021 Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 4” Star Mod A Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 4” Viking Mod F-1 Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 6” Reliable Mod D Dry Pipe Valve  
    • 2” TYCO Double Interlock Valve – FOAM System Riser  
    • 3” TYCO Double Interlock Valve   
    • 4” Viking Mod H-2 Wet Valve  
    • 6” Victaulic Fire Lock Fire Pac  
    • 500GPM Peerless Electric Fire Pump w/Jockey Pump and Firetrol Controllers  
      -Includes a sustaining valve and low suction control  
    • Antifreeze Loop Example  
    • Standpipe Example  

    Course Location: 
    Silco Fire & Security – Columbus facility 
    2395 Southwest Blvd 
    Columbus, OH 43123 

    John Glenn Columbus International (CMH) – approximately 17 miles from training facility

    Hotel suggestions will be sent in registration email. 

    • 14 credits (Online Certificate)

    Columbus is a new location, so enjoy this video from our Carmel lab.