Special Hazards

NICET Training for Level I
The Special Hazards Systems certification program is designed for engineering technicians engaged in the detailing and layout and/or installation and maintenance related to special hazards suppression systems.
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Level 1

90 Days of unlimited access for self-paced online study, simulated online exams; sample questions and a detailed review of NFPA 12, NFPA 70(NEC), NFPA 72 & NFPA 2001

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This webinar is a 30 minutes and provides an introduction to NICET and the basic requirements for preparing for any Level I, II & III Exam.

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These workshops do not offer NICET specific training, but most technicians want another way to practice on the equipment they will encounter in the field.  Unfortunately, there are not many places to gain experience and also learn from an expert. 

Our workshops offer students a chance to learn in classroom and in the lab.

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Fire Alarm

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Fire Sprinkler

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