General Questions

Q: What are the computer system requirements to take an online course? 

A: Our courses are viewable on most browsers.  Please ensure you're using the latest version in order to engage with the course material. 

NICET Fire Protection Exam Prep Questions

Q: Who is NICET?

A: NICET – The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies is a not-for-profit organization created by the National Society of Professional Engineers to serve the certification needs of the engineering technology community.

Q: I'm just starting the NICET process. Where do I start?

A: Fire Tech Productions offers a FREE webinar to help acquaint candidates with NICET. You can SIGN UP here. To research more about NICET, visit their web site at: www.nicet.org.

Q: What references can I bring into the Water-Based Layout exams?

A: You are allowed to take the following NICET approved standards into your Water-Based Systems Layout Exams:

Level I
NFPA 13, 13D, 13R and 291 2016 editions

Level II
NFPA 13, 14, 20 and 291 2016 editions

Level III – General Plans Preparation
NFPA 13, 14 and 20 2016 editions & NFPA 22 2013 edition

Level III – Hydraulics and Water Supply Planning
NFPA 13, 14, 20 and 291 2016 editions

Level IV
NFPA 13, 14 and 20 2013 editions & NFPA 25, 2014 edition

Q: Can I bring a Handbook into the exam?

A: Unless specifically listed, Handbooks will NOT be accepted as a substitute for any of the listed titles.

Q: Can I highlight in the standards?

A: You are allowed to highlight in your standards. NICET will permit them in the exam.

Q: Can I use sticky notes instead of Fire Tabs?

A: NICET does not permit sticky notes on the standards in the exam. Fire Tech Productions offers NICET approved Fire Tabs for the standards. These tabs are labeled to mark the important and frequently-referenced areas in the code for ease in locating during the NICET exam and for field use later. Here is a link to the page for easy ordering: ORDER TABS

Q: Can I bring a calculator into the exam?

A: An on-screen calculator is built into the exam. Additional calculators are not permitted. NICET provides a calculator preview which offers additional instruction about the features of the on-screen calculator:

Q: What is the best way to start preparing for a NICET Certification?

A: Fire Tech Productions offers self-guided NICET online test prep with add-on options: (Webinars, Fire Tabs, Standards). We recommend following our proven system (Here is an example using Level I Fire Alarms)
Step 1: Register to take your NICET exam at NICET.org. NICET will give you a 3-month testing window.
Step 2: Schedule your NICET exam at the nearest Pearson Vue Testing Center.
Step 3: Order your Fire Alarm Level I Package HERE and start learning.
Step 4: Study and Pass your NICET exam!

Q: How long do I need to study to be ready for the NICET exam?

A: Everyone is different and you know what works best for you. Studies show that the more time you invest in studying and practicing, the better the outcome. This is especially true when preparing for taking the NICET exam.
We recommend reviewing all course contents and using the NICET approved references for looking up every answer to the sample quizzes contained with each training module. Knowing the NFPA standards and where to look for specific answers will be a huge factor in passing your NICET exam.
Every Fire Tech course concludes with 3 simulated exams to simulate the same number of questions and time constraints you will experience while taking the NICET exam. We recommend taking all 3 simulated exams after you have completed your course. And again – Remember to look up EVERYTHING in your standards!

Q: What is the difference between the online course and the reference textbook?

A: The contents of the reference text reflects the same information provided in each online training module presentation. However, the quizzes and simulated exams are available exclusively within the online courses. The text offers an additional learning option for those who have limited access to a computer or prefer the portability of a textbook.

Q: How do I track NICET continuing education (CPD) points?

A: Review the following: TRACK NICET CPD POINTS

Continuing Education – CEU & CPD Questions

Please note:  Fire Tech Productions uses “contact hours” when listing continuing education credits.  1 CPD = 1 Credit = 1 contact hour = .1 CEU hour


Q: Is your training covered by grants or state funding?

A: We are an approved Training Provider in many states such as Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina & South Carolina. We will be happy to work with you in your state or with your organization for approval.


Q: Do you provide on-site training?

A:On-Site customized training is available. Please call or email for a quote. We recommend webinar training in place of live training as it allows for shorter classes (which are recorded and loaded into your online account for additional review).


Q: Can I receive CEU/CPD credits for your courses?

A: Fire Tech Productions provides over 50 courses available for CPD or CEU credits. For more information on NICET CPD credits, visit: http://www.nicet.org/newsletter/june-2015/counting-and-tracking-nicet-cpd-points-easier-than-it-looks/ or http://www.nicet.org/about-us/policies/policy30/


Q: Which courses can I take for CEU credit?

A: See our listing: Fire Protection Continuing Ed Course Credits. If you would like us to work through the CEU approval process for your state, send us the contact information and we will be happy to submit the paperwork to have our courses approved.

Q: How do I know if your course is approved?

A: Our CEU approved list is growing. If you have questions, send an email to info@firetech.com or call 937.434.3473. Our current approvals include:

ICC (International Code Council) – see selected courses

Colorado – see selected courses

Illinois – all Fire Sprinkler courses – see selected courses

Ohio – see selected courses

Wisconsin – see selected courses

Q: Where can I purchase your courses?

A: You can purchase courses at:

Online Store
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