#117 - Winter Preparation for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Cheryl RyanAug 20, '20

by Will Strickler It’s that time of year again, as winter preparation has started for those who maintain fire sprinkler systems exposed to winter’s cold temperatures. Even if you only see one day a year at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, winter preparation should be on your current to do...

#119 - Fire Alarm Detector Layout Part 2: Irregularly Shaped Areas

Cheryl RyanAug 20, '20

by Shawn Lee References to NFPA 72 refer to the 2016 edition When we previously discussed fire alarm detector layout, we went through a series of square rooms/spaces to demonstrate how to place spot type fire alarm detectors, as shown in the example below. Following the spacing rules of NFPA...

#120 - Getting Started with Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing

Tom EnglishAug 20, '20

Suggestions for Entering the Field of Inspection & Testing in Water-Based Systems Are you interested in the field of Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems? Fire Tech Productions, Inc. receives calls from people interested in beginning their careers and/or furthering their education in this specialized field. Fire Tech strives to...